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Date:2014-03-05 08:44
Subject:SAVE ME!!
Mood: awake

This is my attempt at trying to reactivate my account... There's too many posts from my life here for it to be deleted!

I'm here! Keep my journal! I'll save them at some point, I promise!

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Date:2008-07-21 01:08
Subject:What. The. Fuck?!?!?!?!
Mood: ...wow.

Ok... I just found this out... MURPHY ASKED KAT TO MARRY HIM!

Murphy?! ENGAGED?!

Talking to him now... He asked her today. He asked her parents first, they are ok with it, then he asked her and she said yes. He said there aren't any definite plans, but they're thinking about getting married 11/11/11.

Am I the only one who finds this irrational?! Is this completely ridiculous to anyone else?! I mean... Fucking... ENGAGED?!

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Date:2008-02-07 22:57
Subject:High School Musical!

Hey. We learned what the musical is this year.


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Date:2008-02-02 00:03
Mood: tired

lol Hey! I like how we aren't writing in these. 'Course, it could be the fact that you two have died thanks to the snow we've been having... I would say we all have, but since I'm the one who's writing this, I don't think so....

Anywho... HOW WAS YOUR DAY OFF? Mine was pretty damn good... I just hung out.


(2 Slapped my ass and Call me Sally)

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